Cates Grain & Seed is a major player in the procurement and sale of a wide range of grain to cereal processors and end users.

Large tonnages of cereals are produced annually.

  • barley for malting and feed.
  • wheat for feed, milling and baking industry.
  • oats for the horse racing and equestrian industry.
  • wheat and barley for organic use.
  • pearled barley.

A significant market is supplying stock feed for cattle while on "feed lots", also for supply to the chicken, pork and dairy industries.

We contract growers and purchase wheat, barley, oats, triticale and ryecorn on the free market for use in the milling, health food and stock food industries.

Cates Grain & Seed are AsureQuality certified to market and supply organic wheat, barley and peas.


Cates Grain & Seed can supply seed for a large range of barley varieties. We hold the proprietary rights to the newly released high yielding Flora barley and also stock a full range of all proprietary cultivars available in New Zealand.
See the link below for further information and trial result on Flora Barley:

  Flora Spring Barley - Further Information             Flora Trial Results

Seed is available with any required treatment which is applied in our store to order.


Cates Grain & Seed supplies seed for all available varieties of wheat. Our licensed varieties include the high yielding winter wheat Einstein.

In 2010 Einstein Wheat has broken all world yield records producing a crop of 15.630 tonne per hectare.
Click on the link below for further information on this exciting variety.

Contact us for all your Einstein Wheat seed requirements.

Seed is available with any required treatment which is applied in our store to order.

Einstein Wheat - Further Information

Other Varieties

Cates Grain & Seed is a key supplier of feed oats to the equestrian market in both the North and South Islands. Oats are also commonly used for winter greenfeed crops and we maintain seed for all the most popular varieties.

Other cereals sold by Cates Grain & Seed include triticale, which is used as a feed grain, for greenfeed or for whole crop silage.

Our exciting new variety of Triticale - BOLT - was released in 2010.
See the link below for further information:

   BOLT Triticale - Further Information

 We also stock ryecorn for use as greenfeed or whole crop silage.

Cates Grain & Seed also produce and market Linseed for domestic market.